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Arista Engineers and Technicians  have more than 14 years working in Corrosion testing services and consulting for the Oil & Gas Industry. Additionally, our Engineers and technicians have worked for some of the most prestigious testing laboratories in the industry as corrosion testing laboratory managers and  corrosion R&D engineers developing Joint Industry Projects (JIP’s) for Major Oil Companies.


3621 Bacor Road – Houston, TX – 77084  - Tel. 832-874-0955


Arista Materials & Consulting has the experts to help you manage and resolve any material or product failure problems that you have.  Arista’s experienced team of engineers have been involved in several  failure analyses cases .  Arista engineers have experience in running Joint Industry Projects (or JIPs) for its clients to develop new technical solutions, industry standards & recommended practices to solve a diverse range of technical and commercial challenges within the Oil & Gas sector.


Arista experts recreate an extensive range of environmental testing, giving you assurances on asset performance and safety. Through expert analysis of simulation and exposure data, we can help you to reduce the future risk of damage to pipelines and other key assets. Our services cover a full spectrum of environmental testing simulations, including pipeline corrosion testing for sour and non-sour applications; hydrogen testing; pitting; full ring tests; and a full range of SCC tests.


3621 Bacor Road – Houston, TX – 77084  - Tel. 832-874-0955

Corrosion Testing


Corrosion Consulting

and R&D Services

Corrosion Consulting and R&D Services

  • HPHT Autoclave Testing up to 20 ksi


  • Innovative Corrosion & Materials Problem Solutions and Failure Analysis


  • Development of Corrosion, Stress Corrosion Cracking and Materials Qualification Testing


  • Computer Modeling of Corrosive Environments to replicate field conditions in the laboratory

3621 Bacor Road – Houston, TX – 77084  - Tel. 832-874-0955

Corrosion Testing Services

  • Arista’s corrosion research laboratory specializes in the evaluation of metals, polymers and coatings. The most sophisticated equipment for simulation of the service environments is available for support


  • Standarized and modified testing per ISO, ASTM, NACE, Norsok and EFC methodologies.


  • HPHT H2S/CO2 and multiplace exposures for environmental cracking evaluation.


  • State of the art  SSR Test Frames for Standard NACE TM 0198  testing and Cyclic SSR testing


  • HPHT flow loop


  • Acidizing testing


  • Electrochemical Testing Capabilities


  • Corrosion Inhibitor Testing & Qualifications


  • Customized SSC and SCC testing to meet customer critical requirements


  • High Capacity SSC  Proof  Ring NACE Method A Testing & Method D DCB Testing




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3621 Bacor Road – Houston, TX – 77084  - Tel. 832-874-0955

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